Brick Lane

Diverse and multicultural, a community with links to the past yet one step ahead of the trends

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Once associated with poor slums and crime scenes, today Brick Lane is one of the trendiest areas in London. Extremely popular with the capital’s edgy and artistic crowd, this community has become famed for its quirky and unusual shops and event spaces, showcasing designers and entrepreneurs that are always one step ahead of the trends. This is combined with a food scene that offers everything from an entire café dedicated to cereal to a Ghanaian chocolate shop that blasts out music and lively, upbeat African vibes. Brick Lane has long been diverse and multicultural, and so it continues to be. Bargain for a curry at one of its authentic curry houses or just wander down the lane taking in the world-renowned street art. Expect to be shocked, surprised and ultimately wowed by everything going on in this exciting community.