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Business Name

The name of your business that your customers see.

Type of Business

To sign up with Pixie you need to confirm that you own an independent business (5 retail locations or fewer).
Bricks-and-mortar you run at least one retail presence (e.g. shop, hotel, restaurant)
Trader you run a mobile business (e.g. market trader, personal trainer)

Trading Address
Registered Address

The registered address of the business. Use a contact address if you don't have a registered address.

Delivery Address

We'll send your welcome pack to this address.

Registration Details

The registered incorporation date of the business, or or the approximate date you started trading if you are a sole trader or partnership.

The registered number for this business at Companies House.

Leave this blank if you are not VAT registered.

Primary Contact

The contact details for one of the directors of the business.

Bank Details

Transactions between your customers and your business will be settled to this bank account.


We require proof of identity in order to create your Pixie account.

If this is a LTD Company:

We require a scan or photo of:

  • At least one director’s driving licence or passport, as proof of identity (this must be the same director as in the “Director Name” section).

If this is a Sole Trader or Partnership:

We require a scan or photo of:

  • The sole trader’s/partners’ driving licence or passport. It must show the full name, photograph and date of birth.

  • OR a government-issued document without a photo, plus a utility bill/council tax letter (the latter must feature the sole trader’s/partners’ home address)


Please photograph all documents in one single photo and upload using this form.

JPEG, GIF and PNG formats are accepted.

Loyalty Scheme

Most customers choose to use Pixie because they receive loyalty points when they pay using Pixie across our community of businesses. Offering an attractive loyalty percentage is key to getting more customers through the door and can lead to increased spending in your business.

We recommend offering 5% loyalty* or greater as a way of marketing and differentiating your business. This percentage will be deducted from your weekly settled transactions and will be allocated to the customer as loyalty points that they can only spend in any Pixie business.

*minimum contribution is 2%

Terms and Conditions