Bath Holistic Massage

Therapeutic massages designed to treat the entire body and mind.

No matter what you do in life, the everyday can take a toll on your muscles, at Bath Holistic Massage they offer therapeutic and remedial massages that will soothe and protect your body. Their holistic process means they don’t only focus on your specific ailments, but rather the whole body to relieve aches in a full-body manner and creating an overall sense of well-being. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and more alive than ever.

Focusing on protecting, maintaining and restoring, Bath Holistic Massage have a range of treatments, so no matter what you need, they can help. Perhaps the Swedish Holistic Massage will suit you best, which takes both your physical body and mental health into account, or maybe the deep tissue massage is more of what you need. Also specialising in pregnancy and post-natal massages, if you’re a mum or mum-to-be, Sophia can help to support your body throughout your pregnancy journey. So take some time for yourself and book an appointment, you’ll come away feeling your best.

*Lockdown Update: Closed during lockdown

Bath Holistic Massage is a beautiful little practice situated in the very heart of Bath providing the best holistic massage treatments and pregnancy massage care in the area. Sophia, Bath Holistic Massage

Basic Info

Telephone: 07837 828 156
Address: Office 2
3 Chapel Row
Opening Hours:
Mon 9:45am - 3:00pm
Tue 9:45am - 8:00pm
Wed Closed
Thu 9:45am - 3:00pm
Fri 9:45am - 3:00pm
Sat 9:45am - 5:00pm
Sun Closed