Glencairn House Clinic

From pilates to reflexology, Glencairn House offers the full package to heal and relax you completely.

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Glencairn House is a multidisciplinary and unique clinic that is sure to have the treatment you need to heal your mind and body through many rehabilitation therapies. Glencairn House is not a usual clinic setting and is instead within a beautiful country house. Opened in 1984 as a Physiotherapy and Chiropody practice it then expanded in 2009, forming what it is today.

They boast a wide variety of high-quality assessments and treatments, ranging from acupuncture to reflexology, and if you’re looking for a fun, energetic activity they even have pilates classes. They embrace both complementary and disciplinary treatments, with an integrated team of over twenty, which makes Glencairn House a truly rare clinic, offering the full package for every body, young to the elderly. They are proud to offer a caring service whilst still remaining professional so you get the highest possible care without losing the kindness and friendly atmosphere that is so important for aiding your overall well-being.

“Glencairn House is a caring, professional clinic and I believe it to be almost unique in the UK with the range if treatments we offer.” Alex Gibbs

Basic Info

Telephone: 01935 817442
Address: Glencairn House Clinic
South Street
Opening Hours:
Mon 8:45am–7:00pm
Tue 8:45am–7:00pm
Wed 8:45am–7:00pm
Thu 8:45am–7:00pm
Fri 8:45am–7:00pm
Sat Closed
Sun Closed