Laurence Belbin Artist

A painter of light and atmosphere.

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Even as a young boy, Laurence Belbin had a passion for drawing and painting that he has pursued in one way or another for his entire life.

Since starting his business full-time nearly 30 years ago, his work has evolved from compelling sketches to emotive and powerful oil paintings. Focusing his attention on landscapes, Laurence has a keen eye for the local areas and seascapes.

As he continues to explore these themes, his main focus has been pointed towards creating an atmosphere. Using colour and light to express sensations, this accomplished artist so perfectly evokes the qualities of water in all of its fascinating forms and flows. You need to see it for yourself to truly appreciate the sensitivity of each brush stroke on the canvas.

Exhibiting across the South East and West of England, Laurence sells his works from his studio. You can also book painting lessons and experience 'the artistry' for yourself. This friendly chap is a character, definitely one to meet if you’re in the area.

I've had no formal art training but knew what I wanted to do so got out in the field and taught myself to really look and then draw and paint, and that's what I'm still doing. One should never stop really looking. Laurence Belbin, Artist

Basic Info

Telephone: 01935 816618
Address: Westbury Hall
Opening Hours:
Mon By appointment.
Tue By appointment.
Wed By appointment.
Thu By appointment.
Fri By appointment.
Sat By appointment.
Sun By appointment.