The Hideout

Underground whisky bar

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Legend has it that the Tudor cellar in which 'The Hideout' is located, was once a hoard for thieves, highwaymen, scoundrels and opportunists; a hidden place where secrets were discussed by candlelight and dark deeds concocted in whispered voices. Today, this cloak-and-dagger vibe still lurks. Concealed in this stone walled basement, it's the perfect place in which to drink strong spirits and put the world to rights.

With over 150 different whiskies, as well as a lengthy cocktails list and impressive wine selection, 'The Hideout' doesn’t just look the part it plays it too. Not sure what you want? The fun and friendly barmen know everything there is to know about the menu, and will effortlessly guide you to a drink you’re bound to love. No secrets to discuss? We’d still recommend a visit.

Drink strong spirits and put the world to rights in our underground whisky bar

Basic Info

Telephone: 01225 462413
Address: 1 Lilliput Court
Opening Hours:
Mon 4pm - 11pm
Tue 4pm - 11pm
Wed 4pm - 11pm
Thu 4pm - 11pm
Fri 4pm - 11pm
Sat 4pm - 11pm
Sun 4pm - 11pm