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At Tamp the bean really is the star of the show. This independent specialist opened in Chiswick in 2014 with a very simple mission; to source outstanding coffee and roast it to heavenly perfection. The team believe that coffee should be a community and that's why all the coffee is sourced directly from the farmers and then delicately hand roasted to bring out the bean's finest characteristics.

Owner Dorian is always keen to promote his Mission Coffee Works suppliers, the crosstown doughnuts and the incredibly delicious empanadas, which are a nod to his Argentinian roots. Whether your popping in for some takeout or savouring the undoubeted rustic charm of the surroundings, the team at Tamp have seriously raised the bar when its comes to quality coffee in Chiswick.

Our coffee beans are our paint and we are devoted coffee artists Dorian, Owner

Basic Info

W4 2EU
Website: www.tampcoffee.co.uk
Opening Hours:
Mon 7.30am - 6pm
Tue 7.30am - 6pm
Wed 7.30am - 6pm
Thu 7.30am - 6pm
Fri 7.30am - 6pm
Sat 8.00am - 6pm
Sun 9.00am - 6pm